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Italian brand inspired by art

Inspired by painting and drawings, ABAL FashionArt promises to be the union between two worlds often in communication, two worlds that are embodied here in clothes with a refined, sensual and dreamy taste, just like the women depicted in the painter’s works.

The fashion collections are the result of continuous and passionate creative research, transversal to the art world of ABAL, the stage name of Alessandro, contemporary painter and co-founder of the brand, and to the stylistic world of Debora.

Made in Italy, Art, Refinement, are just some of the ingredients that make ABAL FashionArt’s style unique on the fashion scene.

To guarantee high levels of quality and following an ethical approach in managing the production and supply chain, we produce in Italy by relying on expert and competent hands in the sector. We believe that a well-made and cared for garment has its own personality and presence, just like the works of art printed on them.

We use various types of fabrics, we prefer soft ones that accompany the naturalness of the body, we love the naturalness of silks, viscose and cotton, and we are in constant research to propose cutting-edge materials and processing techniques so that the paintings and printed drawings stand out on each garment in all their beauty to enhance the wearer.

Some garments are produced in limited editions, just like the works of art, for their value to be collected and cherished.

Our mission is to adorn those who choose us with art and beauty.

Alessandro Abruscato


Italian painter and co-founder of the brand whose works inspire the fashion collections. Since his youth, he has nurtured a deep passion for art and literature and in 2020 he decided to dedicate himself to painting professionally.

Each work is born from a drawing that represents real or imaginary subjects, people and places. Color is the medium through which he expresses his inner emotions, and explores human fragilties and the supernatural forces that govern the world. His works are rich in symbolic and evocative meanings, which lead beyond the representation of reality, towards the mysterious and interiority.

Abal is also a multidisciplinary artist, who has experimented in other fields besides that of painting, founding together with Debora Cuccaro the ABAL FashionArt brand dedicated to the dialogue between the world of art and that of fashion and conceiving fabric as a new material through which to express his creativity.

After the recent solo exhibition which ended in March 2024 at the Casa Museo Antonio Ligabue, Alessandro is working on the preparation of the next solo exhibition which will be held in September 2024 in an ancient abbey from the 1100s.

Debora Cuccaro

Creator and co-founder of the brand, she follows all the stylistic and management aspects.

After a degree in Management from Bocconi University (Milan), and after having gained solid experience in the corporate and consultancy world, having always been in love with art and fashion, she decided to combine her management skills with these passions, giving freedom and concreteness to that more creative side previously kept hidden in the private sphere.

To follow all stylistic and production management aspects, she has also dedicated herself to expansion of skills on topics related to the fashion sector, including fashion design, product development, production and quality of the fashion product .

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